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3023bis and XPointer

ACTION-302: HTML5 comment on "other applicable specifications"

ACTION-355: Web Arch coverage of "interaction story" for Web applications

ACTION-414: Discussion of Domain Name persistence

ACTION-457: Coordinating with HTML WG on status of their extensibility proposals

ACTION-460: DanA to coordinate with IAB regarding next steps on privacy policy

Adam Barth's note to public-iri mailing list on browser processing of IRIs

Agenda for TAG Teleconference of 2 September 2010

Agenda for the TAG Teleconference of 30 September 2010

Developer Workshop / Camp at F2f Re: Draft TAG telcon minutes of 2010-09-02 available

Draft TAG telcon minutes of 2010-08-19 available

Draft TAG telcon minutes of 2010-09-02 available

Evercookie: Indestructible cookies

Generic processing of Fragment IDs in RFC 3023bis

HTML WG ISSUE-41: extensibility

HTML5 discussions regarding charset determination and sniffing

IANA hanges to draft-nottingham-http-link-header

Interesting article on Twitter rewriting some links to use their t.co URL shortener

Late additions to the agenda for today's TAG call

Lawsuit targets use of HTML 5 client-side storage as cookie substitute for user tracking

metadata architecture ISSUE-63

MIME and the Web directions


Minutes from Sept 16 Teleconference

redirect with fragid (was Re: Draft TAG telcon minutes of 2010-09-02 available)

TAG call of 9 Sept will be cancelled unless someone volunteers to chair

Tag Teleconference Agenda for 16 September 2010

TAG teleconference agenda for 23 Sept. 2010

Telcon minutes: 2010-09-23

The TAG call of 9 Sept is hereby cancelled

There will be a TAG call tomorrow, 2 Sept. -- working on agenda now, sorry for delays <eom>

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