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"On Linking Alternative Representations..." should mention Alternates and Content-Location HTTP headers

"The use of Metadata in URIs" and UK law

"The use of Metadata in URIs" and UK law (and deepLinking-25)

[metaDataInURI-31] New draft of "The Use of Metadata in URIs"

[metadataInURI-31] Update on Use of Metadata in URIs Draft

A W3C Browser

Agenda of 14 November 2006 TAG teleconference

Agenda of 21 November 2006 TAG teleconference

Agenda of 7 November 2006 TAG teleconference

Approved TAG finding: On Linking Alternative Formats

Dates in URIs?

Draft minutes Nov 21 TAG teleconf

follow your nose from XML documents to namespace documents? xmlFunctions-34, nsMediaType-3, RDFinXHTML-35

Interesting paper relevant to self-describing web/XML functions

Links to identical and alternate resources : Metalink

Minutes of 7 November 2006 TAG teleconference

minutes TAG 14 Nov for review: metadataInURI-31, namespaceDocument-8, xmlFunctions-34

New draft TAG finding - Passwords in the Clear

new TAG issue TagSoupIntegration-54 (discussion around the web)

New TAG issue: TagSoupIntegration-54

New version of Passwords in the Clear

Primary & Equivalent Urls/Resources, Case-Sensitive Urls

Reconciling Society's Concern's for Privacy with the imperative of Authentication: The Costume Party Model

Resolution of TAG issue genericResources-53

sitemaps.org, siteData-36, standardizedFieldValues-51

Summary of TAG activity from 28 July to 31 October 2006

Use Case/Story and Suggestions on standardizedFieldValues-51

WS-Transfer and HTTP, re TAG Issues whenToUseGet-7 & endPointRefs-47

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