RE: Dates in URIs?


>> Are you suggesting the TAG finding says that URLs should 
>> be opaque? We worked pretty hard to strike a balance.
>> I'd like to keep the discussion focussed on the words in 
>> the finding.

Good question.  I guess I was speaking my broadly of the strong
"URL-opacity" advocacy on www-TAG and REST-discuss.

However, whereas I didn't see anything "wrong" in the finding it, it was the
omissions that concerned me.  And I don't necessarily think these omissions
would need be addressed in metaDataInURI-31 but I do think it would be good
if a future issue could address them.  

The ommissions that concerned me were guidance about how best to use
metadata in a URI if metadata is going to be used.  And I don't mean "well
known names" but instead things like "If you are going to include a year in
a Url, you should considering the following: etc. etc."  Which is a good
segue to what you and I were going to discuss offline...?

-Mike Schinkel

Received on Friday, 10 November 2006 07:16:22 UTC