Re: new TAG issue TagSoupIntegration-54 (discussion around the web)

I think this weblog post captures in part what is my opinion on the  


To summarize a bit my thoughts with regards to this post and the  
discussion here:

When creating a technology

- Specificying the Data Format (is not enough).
- Defining Extension mechanims, without necessary encouraging them.
- When in a distributed environment, two very important pieces are  
    - Errors handling (what is an error? how to handle it?)
    - Errors fixing/feedback in an improvement cycle. (how to be sure  
that the error is not just an acknowledgement but an opportunity to  
fix it.)
- It's not only about renderers. We do not address often the  
producers of data. Those who create bad formats (humans and tools), I  
guess because we do not address the improvement cycle.

Metaphor: A spelling software which
   1. underlines a mistake with a visual clue, helps me to localize  
but I do not learn anything.
   2. tells me "did you mean this?" with a list of proposed words.  
Help me to find alternatives to my mistake, but I still do not learn  
a lot.
   3. tells me "In this circumstance, this word must have an 's"'.  
See the grammar rule foo…", help me to fix and I learn for the future.

Being human or machine, we should be able to improve, but this is  
easier if the technology in its definition prepare the mechanisms for  

I also think that would be very valuable for the community to have an  
_open_ survey (data and results) of the state of the Web. Maybe  
search engines companies and browsers can help on this.

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