Re: Dates in URIs?

Renato Iannella scripsit:

> Imagine I am Mary (don't try too hard) and instead of the Bus, I
> see the report URL.  What is "suggestive" to Mary (a non W3C person)
> about those 4 characters "2001" has something to do with years. The
> same that Chicago is related to cities.

Well, maybe.  2001 is probably a year, but might be a movie.  1984
is a book (and a movie, and a year, and a metaphor).  Chicago is a
font and an artist, unrelated.  Paris is a city in Texas.

We all make assumptions out of necessity, but we shouldn't be
too disappointed when they turn out to be wrong.

I marvel at the creature: so secret and         John Cowan
so sly as he is, to come sporting in the pool
before our very window.  Does he think that
Men sleep without watch all night?

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