RE: Dates in URIs?

Noah Mendelsohn wrote:

In a later note, Mike wrote:

>> I'm also not convinced that it would be helpful or appropriate 
>> to do another finding on, say, "the use of dates as metadata 
>> in URIs", which seems to be what you're suggesting.  Dates 
>> (and other metadata) tend to be used for very domain-specific 
>> purposes, and with rather domain-specific syntax and semantics.  
>> I note that much of the work the TAG produces winds up with 
>> URI's that look like:

I wasn't trying to be specific about dates, I just used that as an example.
Instead, I'm thinking that currently there is no guidance on how to use
metadata, only that it is okay to use in some abstract cases. But most
people do much better with patterns than abstractions. I guess I can go two
directions with this:

1.) URI Templates could provide the next step if URI Templates can become a
first class concept.
2.) Patterns of meta data use be analyzed determining and documenting the
pros and cons of each, and recommending where appropriate.

But, as I think about it and especially for #2, that is a lot of what I'm
planning to address at with the goal of influencing
potential future recommendations and/or defacto use, so I guess getting it
addressed here is both premature and will deny myself future content for my
blog, wiki, and forum. :)

-Mike Schinkel

Received on Saturday, 11 November 2006 14:40:33 UTC