Summary of TAG activity from 28 July to 31 October 2006

This is a summary of the TAG's activity from 28 July 2006 (end date of the
previous summary[1]) to 31 October 2006.

1. Meetings

  During this period the TAG held ten teleconferences and one face-to-face

    *  4-5 October 2006,Vancouver, BC, Canada

  Agendas for these meetings are available in TAG public email archive[3].
  Minutes are linked from the TAG's home page[4].

2. Issues

  All TAG issues are detailed in the issues list[5].

  During the reporting period the TAG accepted a new issue:

    *  TagSoupIntegration-54[6]: Is the indefinite persistence of 'tag
       soup' HTML consistent with a sound architecture for the Web? If so,
       what changes, if any, to fundamental Web technologies are necessary
       to integrate 'tag soup' with SGML-valid HTML and well-formed XML?

  An issue was resolved:

    *  genericResources-53[7], with the publication of the finding On
       Linking Alternative Formats To Enable Discovery And Publishing[8]

3. Findings

  The TAG approved a finding:

    *  On Linking Alternative Formats To Enable Discovery And
       Publishing[9] (31 October 2006)

  The TAG updated three draft findings:

    *  The use of Metadata in URIs[10] (1 October 2006)
    *  Extending and Versioning XML Languages Part 1[11] (29 Sep. 2006)
    *  URNs, Namespaces and Registries[12] (17 Aug 2006)

  The TAG also published a new draft finding:

    *   Passwords in the Clear[13] (26 September 2006)

  More information about TAG findings[14] is available.

4. Upcoming

  The next TAG face-to-face meeting is scheduled for

    *  11-13 December 2006, Cambridge, MA, USA


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