Re: New TAG issue: TagSoupIntegration-54

On Wed, 01 Nov 2006 13:25:35 +0100, Elliotte Harold  
<> wrote:
> I understand there is also work along these lines going on in the HTML 5  
> community, though I am not intimately familiar with it.

Perhaps it's time you read up: ;-)

At some point it will hopefully define something that's compatible enough  
with the web so it can be implemented. As I understand it: it isn't ready  
yet, but it's a very good step in the right direction. Namely, how to  
create a tree-based DOM out of "tag soup". (Thereby removing the need for  
a term such as "tag soup" as everything is defined.)

In addition, it also specifies that when the element nodes, etc. get added  
to the DOM they have to be put in the HTML namespace  
(<>). Some APIs such as Element.tagName do  
have to return something else for HTML elements in HTML documents as  
opposed to XML documents, the tag name has to be in uppercase.

Anne van Kesteren

Received on Wednesday, 1 November 2006 17:37:21 UTC