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On August 11, 2006 I sent the following message:


On September 5, 2006,  Mr Tim Berners-Lee answered:


One September 6, 2006, I replied:


Since these messages were somewhat buried inside a not-too-related thread,
and just in case Mr Berners-Lee had missed it, I tried to make sure he at
least knew the last message existed:


As you can see, I did that in six occasions:


On the October 1 attempt, I had to endure this:


which is probably unrelated.

Finally, in the October 12 attempt, the following interchange took place:


in which Mr Berners-Lee confirmed he knew of the last and yet-unreplied
thread message, implied he was going to answer.
I also added "of course, take as much time as necessary".

Then I sat down to wait.
The first week, I checked my mail a few times a day, which I don't normally.
But I did not really expect an answer yet.

By the second week, I started worrying. But I had written "of course, take
as much time as necessary".So I waited.
I saw Mr Berners-Lee attending conferences. I "saw" him in some week end
morning playing with tabulator. I saw him minding some other bussiness.

By the third, Things happened.
2006-10-27, Reinventing HTML (plus tagsoupintegration-54)
2006-11-02, Web Science Research Initiative
They sounded wrong. *Very* wrong. Conveniently ambiguous, of course. But
esentially wrong.
I had so much to say. Had I arrived late?. Had the Good Path (TM) been
There I was, witnessing.
I could have routed some messages, of course. But would it have mattered?
And I had a message to wait.
Chances were slim. Grim, even. But I waited.

I set within me a dateline: one month since confirmation. The twelfth of
November. Today.

And I waited, some more. No matter what, I waited.

Today, it is three months since this part of the story started.
We can safely conclude it has ended.

In my first message, I wrote:

"Those are the two questions whose answers I need to hear.
And yes, Mr Berners Lee, I'm asking specifically to you.
(In this particular case, as I'm sure you'll understand, only you can answer
this one)
(Everyone else, please allow TBL to answer first. That's all I ask)"

The goal of this message is that (assuming anyone cared) I wish to thank
everyone for complying. Also, to free you from my request. And to apologize
for the delay in so doing.

Thank you,
Fernando Franco

Received on Sunday, 12 November 2006 14:26:30 UTC