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DOM Parsing and Serialization Doug Schepers (Monday, 31 October)

Revisiting SVG Fonts Charles Pritchard (Monday, 31 October)

Towards Better Anti-aliasing Mike Bostock (Friday, 28 October)

Case-Sensitivity & SVG-in-HTML5 Mike Bostock (Friday, 28 October)

How much background content gets blurred by feGaussianBlur David Dailey (Sunday, 30 October)

Re: agenda+ SVG 2 Features and Approach Cameron McCormack (Sunday, 30 October)

Fwd: Minutes, SVG f2f Mountain View, Thurs 27 Oct 2011 Cameron McCormack (Saturday, 29 October)

minutes, SVG Working Group Mountain View F2F, day 2 Cameron McCormack (Saturday, 29 October)

SVG title when used via HTML img Charles Pritchard (Friday, 28 October)

[Bug 14566] New: foreignObject as child of <svg> bugzilla@jessica.w3.org (Wednesday, 26 October)

painting the dashes and gaps in a stroke-dasharray David Dailey (Tuesday, 25 October)

stroke dash improvement proposal Cameron McCormack (Monday, 24 October)

text to path conversion API proposal Cameron McCormack (Friday, 21 October)

renaming SVGPathSegList Cameron McCormack (Friday, 21 October)

Render timing/binding demo content and IE plugin available Alex Danilo (Friday, 21 October)

SVG WG F2F meeting day 1 (SVG Open 2011) Erik Dahlstrom (Thursday, 20 October)

Re: [svg-developers] getBBox of a stroked object Cameron McCormack (Sunday, 16 October)

SVG Open papers missing captions? Jasper van de Gronde (Friday, 14 October)

minutes, 13 October 2011 SVG WG telcon Cameron McCormack (Thursday, 13 October)

is there a plan to develop SVG pattern to incorporate non-repeating patterns? jonathan chetwynd (Thursday, 13 October)

Advanced gradients status Jan Tosovsky (Tuesday, 4 October)

FXTF meeting at TPAC (Thursday 3 November, 2011) Erik Dahlstrom (Tuesday, 4 October)

patternTransform Domenico Strazzullo (Monday, 3 October)

Re: Feature request for SVG2 : stroke-position Dirk Schulze (Sunday, 2 October)

Re: feColorMatrix type="saturate" Dirk Schulze (Sunday, 2 October)

Emoji Unicode David Dailey (Sunday, 2 October)

Selecting text in a clipPath: accessibility and advice to search engines David Dailey (Saturday, 1 October)

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