Re: text to path conversion API proposal

On 22/10/11 6:27 PM, Rik Cabanier wrote:
> I have a couple of remarks:
> 1. It would be better if you can get the outline of each glyph instead
> of the outlines of all glyphs. The current approach will cause problems
> with filling if glyphs overlap.

Hmm, yes, good point.  I guess that complicates the return value a bit.

> 2. As a follow-on to this, maybe it would be better if given a string of
> text, you define an API that returns the used glyphs with their
> positions. Then, using the API of step 1, you can get the outline of
> each glyph. You can then decide yourself how you will draw with these
> outlines

How would the "used glyphs" be returned, or would they not be identified 
beyond just an index into the list of glyphs that was finally laid out?

   // returns an Array of SVGPoint objects
   var glyphPositions = textElement.getLayout();
   var glyphPaths = [];

   for (var i = 0; i < glyphPositions.length; i++) {

Not all glyphs are going to be just plain glyph data from the font 
painted at a particular point.  Stretching, rotation, warping due to 
text-on-a-path (if we go down that road), etc. can occur.  I think then 
the glyph position starts to make less sense.  So maybe it is simpler 
just to have the position already accounted for by the returned path.

> 3. There should be a rule that says that the returned glyph outlines can
> be drawn with either evenodd or nonzero fill rules

Do you mean the spec should state that the returned paths must look the 
same if painted with evenodd or nonzero?  Or that it should be author 
controllable?  (The former makes sense to me.)

> 4. you need to define an API that checks for permissions. Not all fonts
> allow you to convert to outlines.

For this API, I think this is only something we need to worry about for 
locally installed fonts which are used in the document.  And at first 
glance this seems a more confusing situation wrt font licenses than 
actual publication of documents with embedded or referenced external fonts.

I am not particularly in favour of building in restrictions to these 
APIs that make them look at fsType values to determine what should be 
allowed to be returned.  But let's discuss this in person next week.

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