RE: Feature request for SVG2 : stroke-position

Thanks for starting these things Cameron.

One of the most obvious use cases for stroke-position, it would seem, is the case in which we have a map of regions meeting at shared borders (as discussed in vePath and proposals for superPath (where each superPath can be described as an oriented set of path segments).

In such a case, we wish to draw a path of one color on one region, and a path of another color on an adjacent region. If stroke-position can be made to occur on one side of a path segment, then it should also be allowable on the other side of the same segment. This of course begs the question of whether or not superPath (or vePath or something akin) will be specced, and I don't remember from your recent talk about 2.0 if it was already on the consensual game plan or not. It should be, and if it is, then it has implications for how stroke-position is handled. I think if it is an attribute applicable either to paths or to superpaths, then its use within superpaths would probably override any declaration within the paths?? The edge case would be when two countries share a border and a lake contained within one of those countries also has one of its edges used to define the border of the countries. It seems though that that is an issue for the cartographer to resolve with clever choices of dash-array and stroke-color. The latter issue, raises a slightly different issue: independent coloration of both gaps and dashes. I'll raise that in a separate message.


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Hi Jérémie,

On 19/09/11 2:39 AM, Jeremie Patonnier wrote:
> I don't remember if there is plan for this, but I wonder if it would be
> possible to have the following feature in SVG2 :
> An new attribute named "stroke-position" that allow author to specify
> the way stroke are positioned around a shape.

I've started a proposal wiki page for your stroke-position property.  I 
am in favour of it. :)

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