RE: stroke dash improvement proposal

A couple of reactions:

1. allowing both gap adjustments and dash adjustments (or just one) would probably make sense. Cartographers make lots of uses of dashes, and not always those which run parallel to the boundary. The overall use case though is something that makes a lot of sense, and is one that I've encountered often. In the past I've tried to calculate the dash array based on the totalPathLength, but have found it too inconsistent across browsers to make it useful.

2. If dash adjustments and stroke positions (offsets) are both to be used then it should probably be made clear in both places that (I assume) the dash adjustments would take place after any stroke positioning is applied (else the calculations will be off).

3. If glyph deformations are allowed (in 2.0) which reshape glyphs according to both a top and bottom curve, then if the browser has svg font support, then the cartographic use-case of wanting to stroke a path with geometric symbols that curve with the boundary that is being stroked could then be combined with this to ensure that little glyphs at the beginning and end of a closed path align perfectly -- a clearly desirable thing when drawing the boundary of a cartographic feature, it would seem. A related reaction will be left to the stroke position draft.


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I've started writing up a proposal for some improvements to stroke 
dashing control.

Comments on this proposal are welcome, too.  Sorry for not having 
written up examples/pictures into the wiki page yet.

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