Re: renaming SVGPathSegList

On 21/10/11 3:06 PM, Dirk Schulze wrote:
> If we think about renaming SVG Objects in the SVG DOM, we could
> rethink the complete concept of SVG DOM. I'd love to replace some SVG
> Objects / Unit types by corresponding CSS Object / units like
> SVGMatrix, SVGLength, SVGTransform and so on. They were useful in the
> past, but CSS improved a lot in the meantime and can take
> functionality over. That would also help supporting CSS Transitions /
> Animations with several SVG attributes. But it would definitely break
> backward compatibility! Every renaming would break backward
> compatibility!

I am not convinced that all renamings we could possibly do would break 
backward compatibility.  Renaming SVGPathSegCurveToQuadraticAbs?  I 
would be very surprised if anyone was messing with 
SVGPathSegCurveToQuadraticAbs.prototype, for example.

As part of improving the SVG DOM -- and I do think we should try to do 
this -- maybe renaming is not the answer, but introducing parallel, more 
useful and usable APIs.

>>> var p = new SVGPathElement( string );
> That would work. But don't we support it anyway by setting the 'd'
> attribute via normal DOM?

Yes, so it would just be a (slight) convenience.  Maybe unnecessary with 
the proposed DOM Core improvements being discussed on 

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