Re: patternTransform -- and toroidal wraps

Hi David,

> While on the topic of patterns and transforms, a thing has troubled me for 
> some time about patterns:

> Wouldn't it be nice to have the ability to allow a shape within the 
> pattern space to "wrap"?

> That is, instead of having sharp edges, suppose we had the option of 
> making pattern tiles toroidal.
> Like in the game of Asteroids, the top of the rectangle and the bottom are 
> identified (wrapped),
> as are the left and right edges, so that the user can specify that any 
> content on the edge wraps around.
> This allows for the creation of seamless tilings that are the mainstay of 
> wallpaper, counter-tops, carpet, etc.
> I have some examples laying about here or there if my meaning isn't 
> apparent. At least four centuries of
> "ornamental design" are submitted as use cases.

Since those use cases are free we can even say forty centuries. You mention 
carpets; I believe the textile industry was the first to adopt computerized 
patterns (punch cards). At the moment, if we wanted to stitch or weave with 
SVG pattern we'd have to do that manually, a nightmare (don't get me wrong, 
I'm not into knitting yet).

> If type="wrap" is in the spec, I haven't seen it.

The pattern needs extensions. It would be good to have some of the examples 
that are laying about there :)

> cheers
> David

Received on Tuesday, 4 October 2011 14:21:18 UTC