Re: is there a plan to develop SVG pattern to incorporate non-repeating patterns?

Hello Jonathan,

do you have an idea for a feature, that helps authors to generate
non repeating patterns?

For example for Penrose pattern I use currently use+transform
and the deflation method (a cascade of use elements referencing 
transformed use elements, replacing larger shapes with a specific set 
of more and smaller shapes, only the last iteration step is displayed) - this 
works similar as for IFS (iterated function systems, fractals), do you have 
in mind an automated mechanism for this?
But I'm not sure, if this works for arbitrary non repeating pattern.
If yes - any idea how to write this down with elements and attributes?
Such a proposal would be maybe better to understand and easier
to discuss.


Received on Sunday, 16 October 2011 17:39:57 UTC