RE: text to path conversion API proposal

Some examples of remarkably inconsistent cross-browser rendering of decorated text can be seen at (illustrating )


A whole mess (the technical term) of text effects is at in case one wants a compendium of "up your acid tests" for SVG and text.

Some were presented at SVG Open ( ) but each contains some effects the other doesn't.

The word SVG word puns are at


with the original bitmaps (some of which can't be done nicely as text in SVG yet) at 

good luck!

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On 23/10/11 12:24 PM, Charles Pritchard wrote:
> What's the question being asked?

The question is whether it is acceptable for implementations to return 
different path data from this API for the same font/text being rendered.

> I agree about decorations, they're hard to get right. Having additional
> information from the font, such as baseline offsets, is a big help in
> implementing underline, but it'd be nice to save that added work when
> possible.

CSS3 Text also does not specify exact thickness or position of line 
decorations.  If an author wants to perform some funky text warping 
effect of underlined text, and they want it to match what the browser 
would be rendering, then the API will need to expose the decorations as 

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