SVG title when used via HTML img

I'm not sure which group to bring this issue to:

<img src="myimage.svg" />
would pick up the title in the SVG file and use it as though title were 
set on the image tag.

It works for <iframe src="myimage.svg"> and for inline SVG. But with 
<img src>, no luck.

<img src="myimage.svg" longdesc="myimage.svg" /> seems a little redundant.

SVG has <title> and <description>, but the <img> tag wasn't designed 
with those in mind.
None of the targets <img> previously supported contained reasonably 
useful title/description content.

Ideas anyone?

Google's SVG viewer also seems to suffer, it does not show the <title> 
of the image.

All viewers understand that <img> means static SVG content, no scripts, 
limited references, and so forth. But it seems that most of them neglect 
to process title. Am I doing something wrong there?

I do understand that using alt with <img> is the standard practice.


Received on Friday, 28 October 2011 11:55:30 UTC