Emoji Unicode

Does anyone know how to get the Unicode version of Emoji characters (see for
example http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emoji or
ese-rejoice/ ) to actually display? Is there a font I'd have to install to
see them?


Are these characters available anywhere as an SVG font? TTF?


Are the colors and gradients a part of the Unicode definition, or does
Unicode merely encode path geometry (like WOFF)?


The Emoji character sets distributed through mobile phones appear to come
with gradient definitions, implying perhaps another use case for SVG fonts
over WOFF? 


In a search for a gestural language that would allow quicker translation
than a keyboard of ideas into writing (as with, for example ASL), it seems
conceivable that the canonical set of semantic primitives might not consist
of monochromatic path geometry alone, but rather of richer colored, textured
and even animated objects. That that animation should be borne declaratively
and proximal to the object rather than as a style or script seems
self-evident,  if so. 




Received on Sunday, 2 October 2011 00:50:30 UTC