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[www-rdf-comments] <none> Servicio Privado de Información Y Análisisi (Saturday, 31 March)

What do you do with a missing prefix? Aaron Swartz (Friday, 30 March)

Tropikamikaze! kamikaze Pub (Thursday, 29 March)

An Invitation from the Asia-Pacific Rim APEC (Thursday, 29 March)

Sirpac Errors? puninj@cs.rpi.edu (Thursday, 29 March)

Computerization of Library System shabnum saba (Wednesday, 28 March)

Adv: Direct Email Marketing. 4iDiIDLwk@excite.com (Monday, 26 March)

Additional Citations Aaron Swartz (Tuesday, 27 March)

Empty Property Citations Aaron Swartz (Monday, 26 March)

FACES! The Ultimate Composite Picture! Eric (Monday, 26 March)

Empty elements in XML and RDF syntax Karsten-A. Otto (Saturday, 24 March)

XML Content Aaron Swartz (Thursday, 22 March)

SiRPAC: Missing Error Aaron Swartz (Tuesday, 20 March)

Fwd: Fwd: Wow, What an incredible award winning website for the whole family. Rachel Cohen (Monday, 19 March)

Re: URI's for statements Sergey Melnik (Monday, 19 March)

Guarantee top 20 positions across the top search engines. bk22bk89@yahoo.com (Sunday, 18 March)

Internet Radio at its Funniest - Khaha.com khaha@flashcom.net (Friday, 16 March)

Qualify your candidates with testing software!! Waheed Subhani (Thursday, 15 March)

ADV: High Search Engine Rankings mb788@arabia.com (Wednesday, 14 March)

Erleben Sie die moderne Welt der Personalrekrutierung und des Personalmanagement Karl.Hagemeister@personalsoftware.de (Tuesday, 13 March)

RDF comments from the ages Aaron Swartz (Tuesday, 13 March)

TimBL: RDF assertions should be accountable Aaron Swartz (Tuesday, 13 March)


DCS Newsletter (03/11/2001) Dynamic Computer Systems (Monday, 12 March)

Re: rdf:value backwards Aaron Swartz (Sunday, 11 March)

regarding rdfms-identity-anon-resources Jonathan Borden (Saturday, 10 March)

RDF resources and Web resources Aaron Swartz (Friday, 9 March)

QName to URI reference Jonathan Borden (Friday, 9 March)

Spec doesn't talk about two-valued relationships Aaron Swartz (Friday, 9 March)

TimBL: parseType="Resource" should be default Aaron Swartz (Friday, 9 March)

Important Information For You! Chris Davis (Thursday, 8 March)

MAC21 Art Fair - Marbella 2001 MAC21 Art Fair (Thursday, 8 March)

DanC's RDF Issues Raises in Boston Brian McBride (Thursday, 8 March)

información Patricia Monarrez (Wednesday, 7 March)

StockContests.com - Get $500 FREE Every Week And Win Cash & Prizes! Win_A_PT-Cruiser_Today9@excite.com (Sunday, 4 March)

At Last, Herbal V, the all natural alternative!! v@magic-heaven.de (Sunday, 4 March)

At Last, Herbal V, the all natural alternative!! v@magic-heaven.de (Saturday, 3 March)

Where DAML+OIL deviates from the RDF-Schema spec Frank van Harmelen (Wednesday, 28 February)

toner supplies toner4@e247.com (Sunday, 25 February)

Bulk Email Can Explode Your Business! 5239 listsupport1@excite.com (Sunday, 25 February)

your love connection -GHFE Cupid@LRFP.eweeklyclassifieds.com (Saturday, 24 February)

SiRPAC bugfixes Karsten-A. Otto (Friday, 23 February)

RDF Syntax: An XML Schema Approach Dan Connolly (Thursday, 22 February)

SiRPAC problems Aaron Swartz (Thursday, 22 February)

rdf:property defined by RDFS Aaron Swartz (Thursday, 22 February)

RDFS term confusion Aaron Swartz (Thursday, 22 February)

RDFS versioning Aaron Swartz (Thursday, 22 February)

clarifying RDFS properties Aaron Swartz (Thursday, 22 February)

RDFS typographical issues Aaron Swartz (Thursday, 22 February)

RDFS terms used in non-schemas Aaron Swartz (Thursday, 22 February)

RDFS implicitly included? Aaron Swartz (Thursday, 22 February)

Non-namespaced RDF Aaron Swartz (Thursday, 22 February)

Semantics of subPropertyOf Aaron Swartz (Thursday, 22 February)

Error message: Document contained no data. Richard Waldinger (Wednesday, 21 February)

Online-Stellenbrse fr Ihre Homepage mit automatischer Erfassung der Bewerberdaten Karl Hagemeister (Monday, 19 February)

rdf:value backwards? [was: a few issues...] Dan Connolly (Sunday, 18 February)

The next comedian on Khaha.com reminds us of you Comedy_24_7@yahoo.com (Saturday, 17 February)

subClassOf vs type? graham wideman (Saturday, 17 February)

a 'null' value for rdf:Seq? Jeen Broekstra (Friday, 16 February)

EXCITING INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY!!! NO MONEY NEEDED!!! nobutthanksany_way@hotmail.com (Thursday, 15 February)

Embeded bagID Pierre-Antoine CHAMPIN (Monday, 12 February)

Hi, Open this email. Great new game on the Net!!! GreatList@excite.com (Thursday, 8 February)

WELCOME TO THE SOJOURN PROJECT! press (Tuesday, 6 February)


Valentine's day Julia (Tuesday, 6 February)

Web Hosting sales (Tuesday, 6 February)

aluminium extrusion made in China Liu (Sunday, 4 February)

WOW! a friend (Friday, 2 February)

Buying a home? Self employed? Hard to qualify? 1245 homeloan1020@aol.com (Wednesday, 31 January)

Do you need photos scanned, to put on the internet? Scanner Solutions (Saturday, 27 January)

New Credit File Waiting! Centryx Systems (Saturday, 27 January)

[www-rdf-comments] <none> Mac (Monday, 22 January)

IT'S SUPER BOWL PARTY TIME!!! aharris@thegx.com (Wednesday, 24 January)

Foreign Currency Market: Look inside for more details 18317 wolfkirn@asia1.com.sg (Wednesday, 24 January)

At Last, Herbal V, the all natural alternative! HV@ksshoes.de (Tuesday, 23 January)

RDF Schemas and SiRPAC-1.16 Irene Schena (Friday, 19 January)

Image Communications Inc... javier@imagecomm.com (Wednesday, 10 January)

This is a test Pierre-Antoine CHAMPIN (Friday, 5 January)

A decouvrir Promocanape@w3.org (Friday, 5 January)

defn "string" across XML infoset/query/schema, I18N specs Dan Connolly (Wednesday, 3 January)

the v nemaespace prefix Liam Quin (Monday, 1 January)

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