Embeded bagID

There is (IMHO) an ambiguity in the spec :

what model should the following RDF piece return ?

  <rdf:Description about="a" bagID="bag1">
    <some:prop rdf:ID="st1">
      <rdf:Description about="b" bagID="bag2">
        <some:otherProp rdf:ID="st2">
          A literal

Clearly, this will produce a bag #bag2 containing statement #st2,
but what should the bag #bag1 contain ?

Though my interpretation would be #st1 AND #st2,
SiRPAC make it only contain #st1, as if #bag2 hide #bag1.

 is this a bug or a feature of SiRPAC ?
 is there a wrong and a right interpretation ?
 if mine is wrong, what is the rationale of the right interpretation ?

  Pierre-Antoine Champin

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Received on Monday, 12 February 2001 08:48:48 UTC