Re: SiRPAC bugfixes

On Fri, Feb 23, 2001 at 11:59:56PM +0100, Karsten-A. Otto wrote:
> Case one: The parser simply swallows empty container elements:
> <rdf:Alt ID="foo">
>     <rdf:li/>
>     <rdf:li>bar<rdf:li>
> </rdf:Alt>
> becomes
> foo , rdf:type , rdf:Alt
> foo , rdf:_2 , "bar"
> without the expected
> foo , rdf:_1 , ""

In section 6.0 of the M&S it says:

  Each li element E corresponds to one member of the collection and 
  results in the creation of a triple {p,c,v} where:
  3.(same as rule 3 above) If E is an empty element (no content), v 
    is the resource whose resource identifier is given by the resource 
    attribute of E. If the content of E contains no XML markup or if 
    parseType="Literal" is specified in the start tag of E then v 
    is the content of E (a literal). Otherwise, the content of E must 
    be another Description or container and v is the resource named 
    by the(possibly implicit) ID or about of that Description or 

Since <rdf:li/> [as well as <rdf:li></rdf:li>] contains no content 
(as defined by, then v 
should be the "resource whose ..." as described above.  However, 
since E has no resource attribute, it's not clear to me what the
authors of the spec intended for v's value.

It's also not clear what a parser should do with the following
[legal RDF]:

   <rdf:li parseType="Resource"/>

> Case two: The parser treats empty properties as resources instead of literals:
> <rdf:Description ID="foo">
>     <x:empty/>
>     <x:empty></x:empty>
> </rdf:Description>
> becomes
> foo , x:empty , #genid1
> foo , x:empty , #genid2
> while it should be
> foo , x:empty , ""
> foo , x:empty , ""

Would you please show me where the spec supports your expected

In section 6.0 of the M&S it says:

  Each propertyElt E contained by a Description element results 
  in the creation of a triple {p,r,v} where:
  3. [[ insert 3. from above ]]

Since these are empty propertyElts and E does not have a resource
attribute, it is not clear to me what v's value should be.

Art Barstow

Received on Monday, 5 March 2001 17:59:14 UTC