Do you need photos scanned, to put on the internet?


Do you need photos scanned, for use on the internet?  
We can do it for you. Just mail us your photos to be 
scanned. We will scan them and email them back to you 
in digital format, ready to be used on the Internet. 
We even scan XXX. For your privacy, once your photos 
are scanned and successfully email back to you, we 
destroy the originals. If you want your photos back, 
just send a return envelope with the correct amount 
of postage.

Some uses for our scanned photos are; Auctions like 
eBay, or you may have a personals ad on the Internet. 
You get 10 times more response from a personals ad if 
you include a picture of yourself. I have a large 
family with brothers and sisters living all around 
the country. We create photo websites of our 
vacations every summer and share them with the whole 
family. It's like having a family reunion where every 
family member can attend.

You only pay $5 dollars for the first photo and only 
$2 dollars for each additional photo in the same 
order. So have some fun. Go now and gather up all 
those photos you would like to share with someone. 
Put them, and your cash, check or money order  in an 
envelope and send them to us. We do our best to get 
them back to you the next day after we receive them. 
We will take cash, check or money order. At this time 
we don't accept credit cards. It would cost you or us 
more than it's worth for a $5 dollar order.

Click on this link or type it into your browser 
address or location bar and hit enter.  
It will take you to a form that asks you for your 
email address so we know where to email your photos 
back to. Print the form, complete it and send it to 
us with your photos and payment to our address at the 
top of the form.

Don't know how to create a website? Check out Even I can create a website with 
their page builder program, and it's free. They even 
have templates to help you get started. 

Thanks and have fun creating.

Do it now while it's on your mind.

Received on Saturday, 27 January 2001 01:58:47 UTC