Re: Sirpac Errors?

On Wed, Mar 28, 2001 at 10:18:42PM -0500, wrote:
> I think these are two errors that I found in Sirpac:
> The first example produces this triple:
> (online:#genid5,, 6)
> The second example produces this triple:
> (online:#genid5, value, 6) 
> where the "value" property does not belong to
> the namespace:

John - it does seem like the value of these two properties
should be the same.  However, which one is "correct" is
not clear as the following thread indicates:

I agree with Lee Jonas' sentiment in:

that the M&S spec needs to address this issue.  The issue:

is related but does not explicitly cover this issue.  

Anyhow, I added this as MAR-28-2001-1 to:

> 2) This example produces the following triples:
> I think the object of the triples should be:
> online:#n1 instead of online:##n1, and
> online:#n2 instead of online:##n2

The servlet chooses to use "online:#" as the document's base 
[if Parse RDF is selected].  Perhaps it should not use 
anything or use "online:" but it is consistent.


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