Re: SiRPAC bugfixes

Art Barstow <> wrote:

>> Case one: The parser simply swallows empty container elements:
> In section 6.0 of the M&S it says:
> Each li element E corresponds to one member of the collection and
> results in the creation of a triple {p,c,v} where:
> ...
> 3.(same as rule 3 above) If E is an empty element (no content), v
> is the resource whose resource identifier is given by the resource
> attribute of E. If the content of E contains no XML markup or if
> parseType="Literal" is specified in the start tag of E then v
> is the content of E (a literal). Otherwise, the content of E must
> be another Description or container and v is the resource named
> by the(possibly implicit) ID or about of that Description or
> container. 

You seem to be missing the important part of this:

    If the content of E contains no XML markup...then v is the content of E
    (a literal).
I read this to say that if the li has no attributes (XML markup) then it is
represented as an empty literal. Especially since the spec continues on to
speak of it containing a description or container as the alternate.

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