regarding rdfms-identity-anon-resources

Regarding anon resources. At the RDF IG F2F I made the point that one can
use XPointers to identify 'anonymous' resources using three forms (of

1) raw name - ID
2) child sequence e.g. /1/2/3
3) full xpointer e.g. #xpointer(//xxx:foo[@name='bar'])

TimBL noted that it is useful to know when a resource is anonymous. I
pointed out that assuming child seqs or full xpointers are used that the
lexical space of a URI reference naming anonymous resource is distinct (e.g.
test for '/' or 'xpointer(' immediately following '#'. Hence it will be
known that the URI is an 'address' not a 'name'.

Jonathan Borden
The Open Healthcare Group

Received on Friday, 9 March 2001 21:30:36 UTC