An Invitation from the Asia-Pacific Rim

Aiming at Asia-Pacific Market?	 
Here's your one and only chance this year to target 
21 developed and developing member economies in the Asia-Pacific rim
<> .	

 Industrial Science and Technology Cooperation
 Conference and Exhibition	
 September 21 - 25, 2001
 Suzhou, China

 An hour's drive from Shanghai, the biggest city in China 	
Who Should Attend	
*	Technology-oriented companies who want to     demonstrate
advanced technologies or to seek     joint ventures
*	Venture capitalists and other investors who     want to identify
promising high-tech     companies and investment opportunities
*	Entrepreneurs who are seeking market     expansion to the
Asia-Pacific region
Best Chance to Showcase Technologies	
*	Exhibition & transaction of high technology &     hi-tech
*	Bid for technological cooperation.
*	Discussions & negotiations on technological     transaction and
*	APEC forum on science and technology.
All the Opportunities!	
*	Technomart is endorsed by APEC's 21     member economies that
had a combined     Gross Domestic Product of over US$18 trillion     in
1999 and 43.85 percent of global trade.
*	In Technomart III, attendees included 1,000+     hi-tech
exhibitors and recorded 37,000 visitors.
*	In Technomart III, over 5,000 business     negotiations
occurred, involving trade in     excess of about US$ 100 million over
the     course of the five-day event.
*	Direct connection to China market.
 	Service Center	
*	Technomart representation
*	Exhibition Booth & Expense
*	Booth arrangements and allocation
*	Transportation
*	Hotels <> 
*	Sourcing/manufacturers visits
*	On-site public relation facilitation, media     coverage
*	Collateral translation
*	Escort interpretation
*	Leisure touring in Suzhou and its vacinities
Key Technological Areas	
*	Biotechnology
*	Environmental and cleaner production     technologies
*	Communication
*	Information technologies / electronics
*	Advanced materials
*	Mechatronics
*	Transportation
*	Resource management technology
*	Energy
*	Sustainable agriculture
*	Emergency preparedness and climate     prediction
*	Exploitation of natural resources
  For more information about the upcoming APEC Technomart IV, please
  For inquiring a brochure, please visit:	
  For Technomart IV services, please visit:	
  For exhibition booth information, please visit:	
  For on-line registration information, please click:
For further questions, please email us at
<>  or call Jessica Pan at (510) 497-8783. 	
  _____ is proud to represent APEC Technomart IV committee here in
the US to work closely with you. It is our pleasure to assist you in
every aspect for the most beneficial trade show.

The past Technomart initiated trillions of transactions. Register today
<> ! 
We look forward to your participation and seeing you in Suzhou, China.

Authorized representative of APEC Technomart IV

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