Re: RDFS versioning

Danny Ayers <> wrote:

>> The RDFS spec states: "this specification recommends that a new namespace <-
>> URI should be declared whenever an RDF schema is changed." (Other than <-
>> confusing namespace URIs with schema URIs) this statement is a <- rather
>> silly <- requirement.
> Personally, I can't see a problem with this - if the schema changes, then it
> becomes a different schema and so should have a different namespace URI. If
> it's only a matter of comments, or even if there are significant changes but
> it is backwards compatible, then this may not be necessary - note the use of
> the word 'recommends'. The statement allows for common sense.

Ahh yes -- if that were the only issue, I wouldn't be upset. But the spec
also "recommends" that RDF-based systems can cache a schema indefinitely
(which I read as "until the next Ice Age") which means that you're
effectively stuck:

 - Change the URI and non-RDFS-aware systems don't understand you
 - Don't change the URI and RDFS-aware systems won't get the new version

What do you do?

I think the restrictions here should be on software (be smart enough not to
screw things up when a schema changes -- ignore new versions if you have
to), not on schema developers (don't change a schema).

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