Re: SiRPAC bugfixes

Art Barstow <> wrote:

>> You seem to be missing the important part of this:
>> If the content of E contains no XML markup...then v is the content of E
>> (a literal).
> In the examples, E has NO content so it seems the sentence beginning
> with "If the content of E ..." and the sentence that follows it do
> not apply.

I hate to get into syntax fights, but...

It says "v is the resource whose identifier is given by the resource
attribute of E". This would seem to apply that if there is no resource
attribute (i.e. contains no XML markup) then it follows the following
qualification. It's not absolutely clear, but I think you could read it that

According to your claim (following sentences do not apply), the spec would
not specify what to do in such a case, so then anything would be valid.
Right? ;-)

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Received on Monday, 5 March 2001 21:10:28 UTC