Re: RDF resources and Web resources

At 12:36 PM 3/9/01 -0600, Aaron Swartz wrote:
>Graham Klyne, in his terminology note drew a distinction between RDF and Web
>resources, which DanBri felt was a mistake:
>"Web Resource" versus "RDF Resource" is not a distinction I care to make. We
>identify resources "to", "for" and "in" the Web, not "on" it: URIs have long
>allowed us to name so-called non-Web resources. For example: telephone
>numbers, Java interfaces, intellectual works / publications (ISBN, Handle
>etc), and the like can all be identified as RDF=Web resources, despite not
>being "on" the Web.
>By this I don't mean to claim that all W3C/IETF/etc documents that appeal to
>a notion of 'Resource' relating to URIs are consistent. Just that they
>should be, and that we shouldn't take as a goal the articulation of a
>distinction between 'Web' versus 'RDF' resources.
>He also provided a list of related links to check for more information on
>the problem.
>More recently, at the W3C Technical Plenary, Graham raised the issue that
>there was no official mapping between URIs and resources. I don't have a
>pointer. Graham, have you raised this on the lists?

Not recently.  I believe I raised this on the XML namespace/URI discussion 
some time ago, and periodically buttonhole individuals.

I did raise this on URI-IG in a message dated 25-Jan.

The matter was raised again in the RDF-IG F2F at the technical plenary, at 
which time the response (if I understood correctly) was that Web resources 
and RDF resources are not the same set of values.


Graham Klyne

Received on Saturday, 10 March 2001 18:27:23 UTC