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Image Maps: A Presentational Structure Lachlan Hunt (Sunday, 29 February)

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Admin, filter this guy off!!! Martin E (Friday, 27 February)

congratulation interlottery@iname.com (Friday, 27 February)

Congratulations interlottery@iname.com (Friday, 27 February)

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Why is border not an attribute of iframe in HTML 4.0? Prive (Thursday, 26 February)

Simplicity of Concept Orion Adrian (Friday, 27 February)

Please stop sending me emails Julius Plenz (Thursday, 26 February)

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XHTML and RDF Steven Pemberton (Wednesday, 25 February)

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[META] Being taken off list once a day due to third party spam. David Woolley (Tuesday, 24 February)

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Include pieces of code in an HTML file ashish anand (Monday, 23 February)

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Eliminate the page metaphor. Orion Adrian (Monday, 23 February)

Please stop sending me emails Julius Plenz (Saturday, 21 February)

SEND-CASH.COM marketing@send-cash.com (Thursday, 15 January)

XHTML Modularization SE question Andrea Vedaldi (Friday, 20 February)

'style' attribute (References) Jens Meiert (Friday, 20 February)

'style' attribute Jens Meiert (Friday, 20 February)

Request clarification: Does readonly apply to checkboxes and radio buttons? Robin Lionheart (Thursday, 19 February)

style attribute type Greg Baker (Tuesday, 17 February)

cancelation joan plekkenpol (Monday, 16 February)

Soap re: Possible Tidy improvements Cyril (Friday, 13 February)

Character set and character encoding. Paolo Candelari (Friday, 13 February)

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Mime Type as metadata and why it's in my HTML document in the first place. Orion Adrian (Thursday, 12 February)

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Equivalency of caption, h, and title. Orion Adrian (Tuesday, 10 February)

Expansion of the summary tag Orion Adrian (Tuesday, 10 February)

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Thank You very very much ij@w3.org (Monday, 9 February)

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