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Re: Character set and character encoding.

From: Jukka K. Korpela <jkorpela@cs.tut.fi>
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2004 19:35:37 +0200 (EET)
To: Paolo Candelari <paolo.candelari@fastwebnet.it>
Cc: www-html@w3.org
Message-ID: <Pine.GSO.4.58.0402141929530.3695@korppi.cs.tut.fi>

On Fri, 13 Feb 2004, Paolo Candelari wrote:

> I need help, please!

Sorry, but the www-html list is for discussing the development of HTML. If
you need help, consider reading some tutorials and then maybe asking on
fora like news:comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html

The terminology around character sets and encodings may look very
complex and confusing. This is just superficial. In reality, they are much
more complex and confusing than they look like. Good luck.

> We can read from w3's web site:
>   "The document character set for XML and HTML 4.0 is Unicode (aka ISO
> 10646).
>   This means that HTML browsers and XML processors should behave
>   as if they used Unicode internally."

Well, I'm afraid such formulations add to the general confusion.

Jukka "Yucca" Korpela, http://www.cs.tut.fi/~jkorpela/
Received on Saturday, 14 February 2004 12:35:41 UTC

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