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CSS parsing error or not John Russell (Tuesday, 30 March)

border-style:dotted and dashed John Russell (Tuesday, 30 March)

CSS border-style:double John Russell (Tuesday, 30 March)

Re: bug track: display error Irene Vatton (Monday, 29 March)

what is next to do John Russell (Friday, 26 March)

unimplemented attributes and properties John Russell (Tuesday, 23 March)

Tables in Amaya Christopher Evans (Thursday, 18 March)

Can paste some Unicode characters but not others James J. Ramsey (Thursday, 18 March)

Proxy username/password Keith Hopper (Tuesday, 16 March)

[bug] image scaling in Amaya 8.3 John Russell (Sunday, 14 March)

search and replace problems Tom Cloyd (Saturday, 13 March)

starting Amaya Christopher Evans (Friday, 12 March)

Editing CSS in Amaya Thomas (Friday, 12 March)

Amaya Bug (crash) Russell (Thursday, 11 March)

HELP: How do you insert a paragraph after a table now? Jim Wright (Thursday, 11 March)

snapshot of unexpected cell content wrapping John Russell (Thursday, 11 March)

Search and replace Tom Cloyd (Thursday, 11 March)

CSS properties John Russell (Wednesday, 10 March)

THOT PARAMETERS John Russell (Wednesday, 10 March)

Format of $Date doesn't match documentation Charles L Flatt (Tuesday, 9 March)

When to use OpenGL Chris Lilley (Tuesday, 9 March)

w3.org uses referrer but amaya doesnt pass info John Russell (Tuesday, 9 March)

form width calculation John Russell (Tuesday, 9 March)

Amaya 8.3 -- table calculations John Russell (Tuesday, 9 March)

Re: Release of Amaya 8.3 Irene Vatton (Tuesday, 9 March)

bug report - unnecessary plain text formatting Slim Amamou (Monday, 8 March)

Can not install Amaya 8.3 XP Bartolomé Sintes Marco (Friday, 5 March)

[Announcement] Amaya 8.3 Irene Vatton (Friday, 5 March)

$Date Format Leon Stringer (Thursday, 4 March)

Re: css menu display in Amaya Irene Vatton (Thursday, 4 March)

Re: cut / paste from amaya address bar Irene Vatton (Thursday, 4 March)

Mouse Pointer TribalXDude (Thursday, 4 March)

Update to STIX fonts Chris Hector (Tuesday, 2 March)

Black Text on black Background Tobias Besch (Tuesday, 2 March)

Re: Q. about <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html" /> in 8.3-pre Irene Vatton (Tuesday, 2 March)

Amaya & SVG Hugh Sasse Staff Elec Eng (Monday, 1 March)

Q. about <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html" /> in 8.3-pre Pierre St-Laurent (Friday, 27 February)

Amaya 8.3 Spanish translation Bartolomé Sintes Marco (Sunday, 29 February)

Amaya 8.3pre WinXP RFE: Insert image dialog Bartolomé Sintes Marco (Sunday, 29 February)

Amaya 8.3 pre-release problems Tom Cloyd (Saturday, 28 February)

Amaya 8.3 pre-release problems Tom Cloyd (Saturday, 28 February)

Re: ReRe: cant start amaya Irene Vatton (Thursday, 26 February)

Re: flushing the history Irene Vatton (Thursday, 26 February)

Congratulation on 8.3 pre-release version Tom Cloyd (Thursday, 26 February)

Possible enhancements Steven Gilham (Thursday, 26 February)

cant start amaya Himihtzahyah HyHA (Wednesday, 25 February)

Amaya 8.3 pre-release possible bugs Bartolomé Sintes Marco (Wednesday, 25 February)

[Announcement] Amaya 8.3 pre-release Irene Vatton (Wednesday, 25 February)

Dreaded ?Indent? Error yahro (Wednesday, 25 February)

Reunion Amaya Irene Vatton (Tuesday, 24 February)

Amaya 8.2+ "Letter format" Printing Bug Pierre St-Laurent (Saturday, 21 February)

Amaya8.2 does not display exactly my MathML block Laurent Nacht (Thursday, 19 February)

Amaya questions ke li (Friday, 20 February)

CSS in Amaya 8.2+: Can't right-align background image Thomas (Thursday, 19 February)

small problem with user interface Klaus Brüssel (Thursday, 19 February)

Spellcheck dialog - overlapping layout steven.gilham@eu.citrix.com (Wednesday, 18 February)

Main window locked Thomas (Tuesday, 17 February)

Access Violation with Amaya 8.2 Greg Chapman (Friday, 13 February)

Add muscle easily! Matilda Mcintosh (Monday, 16 February)

߱ ȥ ߱ . 2004-02-12 12:19:17 JMiller (Thursday, 12 February)

will amaya include a mailreader? Uwe Brauer (Wednesday, 11 February)

a bug? Chinese webpage 'not xhtml" Zhang Weiwu (Wednesday, 11 February)

Amaya issue - stuck Strong button. Tom Cloyd (Sunday, 8 February)

Spell check can crash Amaya Steven Gilham (Thursday, 5 February)

dead pages James & Nora McDowell (Sunday, 1 February)

Re: amaya won't start due to font problems Dan Connolly (Tuesday, 3 February)

<link media="print"......> is not supported in Amaya 8.2 Andrius Burlėga (Saturday, 31 January)

styling of form element John Russell (Thursday, 29 January)

Amaya 8.2 on MacOS X - bookmarks inactive Charles McCathieNevile (Wednesday, 28 January)

Re: Amaya and winnt\profiles (fwd) Stanimir Stamenkov (Wednesday, 28 January)

parser doesnt signal errors John Russell (Friday, 23 January)

JavaScript in Amaya Gary Frederick (Sunday, 25 January)

Imposible to input Lithuanian letters Andrius Burlėga (Sunday, 25 January)

opengl cedric guillouet (Friday, 23 January)

Rendering of Unicode characters Helm, Phillip (Wednesday, 21 January)

Corrupt characters Lars Bruzelius (Thursday, 15 January)

8.2+ UI bug in Attributes / Lang (WindowsXP version) Dr Geoffrey Kantaris (Thursday, 15 January)

Re: [Moderator Action] 8.2+ snapshot Irene Vatton (Thursday, 15 January)

Amayadoc 8.2+ link error and Win9X question Bartolomé Sintes Marco (Wednesday, 14 January)

window geometry defaults John Russell (Tuesday, 13 January)

visibility:hidden -- please implement John Russell (Tuesday, 13 January)

[Announcement] Snapshot Amaya 8.2+ Irene Vatton (Tuesday, 13 January)

Zoom in Lars Bruzelius (Tuesday, 13 January)

Re: XHTML 1.1 plus MathML 2.0 DTD question Vincent Quint (Tuesday, 13 January)

Re: Amaya 8.2 table bugs Vincent Quint (Tuesday, 13 January)

ISO 8859-2? by way of Matej Cepl (Tuesday, 13 January)

Re: visited links color settings mekael (Friday, 9 January)

Re: [Moderator Action] bug report for Amaya Irene Vatton (Tuesday, 6 January)

Re: aggregation tool Beton, Richard (Monday, 5 January)

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