Amaya 8.3 pre-release table border problem


First of all, congratulations for this new release.

I noticed that it still has a problem I already mentioned before about
8.2+. Irene answered it had been fixed in CVS but I did not check.
It is easy to reproduce:
- start a new empty document (e.g. XHTML 1.1, I did not try with
  other doctypes);
- create a table with the default number of lines and columns;
- set it's width to 100%;
- set a style for the table  "margin-right:20pt;margin-left:20pt".

You will see that the bottom line of the border extends beyond the right
limit of the table. It happens in display and when you print the document.
This defect only shows on the right side, the left side is correctly
displayed and printed.

I use the amaya-GTK-8.3-.tgz binary version on a RedHat 8.0 box.

Best regards,

Serge Torres

Received on Sunday, 29 February 2004 12:22:11 UTC