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At 2004-01-14 10:17, Irene Vatton wrote:
>On Tue, 13 Jan 2004 16:11:13 +0100
>Lars Bruzelius <> wrote:
> > The keyboard shortcut "Alt =" to "Zoom in" does not seem work on a Swedish
> > keyboard layout on an English Widows 2000 system. Since the "=" is located
> > in the upper shift of the numeral "0" you have to do an "Alt Shift 0" 
> which
> > of course gives you the characters "0=" instead of the function "Zoom in".
> >
> > It is probably possible for the customer to customise this to use another
> > control sequence, but this should work right out of the box.
>The solution is to adapt the configuration file Amaya/config/amaya.kb
>to your keyboard. You can define a personal copy in your AmayaHome directory.

Why should I? Is this behaviour not defined in any user interface standard, 
de jure, de facto, or proprietary, which could be of any use?

>Where is located the + key in your keyboard?
>It's possible to define two shortcuts for the same function in the 
>standard configuration

Lower case, key 12 in the upper row of the alphanumerical section. This 
keyboard layout has the IBM designation KBD153. See

See also ISO 9995 Information technology -- Keyboard layouts for text and 
office systems, Part 1-8.

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