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> I know that the Amaya group is working on the GUI to solve 
> big issues like font setting and using fonts already installed on
> clients system   and better toolbars for MathML 

> But I see a few big holes in rendering with CSS  
> 1] list-styles  --- lists are a very common structure in documents and
>      numbering styles as well as image bullets are very important.
> 2] background - fixed images 
> 3] positioning .... even the styling page uses a menu system [badly] 
> that is based on css rather than javascript.   this page does not render well
> in amaya.....  

     I see a few more holes in SVG support. I have many files like the
attached (zipped file) which Amaya 8.3 reads, mentions some style
properties not supported - and then leaves a blank screen!

     This situation is improved, since previous Amaya versions struggled
for a long time and resulted in a coloured screen - but no image!

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