Re: Amaya 8.3 pre-release problems

On Sat, 28 Feb 2004 11:31:22 -0800
Tom Cloyd <> wrote:

> 1. I can move the text insertion point rapidly to the Left, skipping 
> form the beginning of a word to the beginning of the word immediately 
> previous, by using the [Ctrl] + [LeftArrow] keyboard shortcut. But if I 
> try to go to the Right, using [Ctrl] + [RightArrow], the insertion point 
> locks up and won't move. I can get it moving by using [Ctrl] + [Shift] + 
> [RightArrow]--but that invokes a selection functionality, not mere 
> cursor movement. This annoys me every time I use the program. The sort 
> of insertion point behavior I'm expecting is simply a convention for 
> text processing software. My text editor (jEdit) does this, as has all 
> text editors I've ever used. All my email composition software does 
> this. Dreamweaver does this. MS Word does this. Amaya does not. Why not? 
> This is a BASIC functionality, and it doesn't seem to work well enough 
> at this point.

This bug is fixed now.
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