search and replace problems

I continue to have serious problems with search and replace in HTML 
source files. Basically, I simply can't get it to work reliably. Yes, 
edit mode is on when this happens. I wish that were the problem (no edit 
mode) but it isn't.

I just tried to find all instances of ">tool<" and do either a replace 
on request or an automatic replace, "in the whole document", such that 
the string becomes ">page tools<". There were at least four instances of 
   the search string in the file, but Amaya told me it couldn't find any.

I've had this happen so many times that I simply give up doing this 
function in source code editing with Amaya. My text editor (jEdit) does 
this fine. I use Amaya for text composition, and leave source code alone.

I don't really want to have this restriction. Any suggestions as to what 
I'm doing wrong?

I'm using Amaya 8.3 on a Win-XP OS.



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Received on Saturday, 13 March 2004 08:00:20 UTC