Amaya 8.3 pre-release possible bugs



1. What is the expected release date for Amaya 8.3?

2. What is the deadline for sending the translation of string and help files into other languages?

Possible bugs/features :-) (Windows XP version)

1. "Save geometry on exit" works if Amaya is closed using File > Exit Amaya menu, but does not work if the window is closed using standard Windows methods (Alt+F4 keys, top right icon (x) or control menu (top left icon > Exit)).

2. If a new XHTML 1.0 Strict document is created, the XML menu is not set. If the docset is changed to XHTML 1.1, the XML menu is not set. If the document is reloaded, the XML menu is then set. If the docset is changed back to XHTML 1.0 Strict, the XML menu is set.

3. Two paragraphs can be transformed into a definition list using the Edit > Transform > Definiton List, but when a definition list is selected and the Edit > Transform > Remove definition list is applied, paragraphs are not created. The transformed text has no tags and the page becomes invalid.

4. Cursor movement in source view is a little bit strange. Two left or right keystrokes are needed to move over some characters, like < > " and others. Two Del keystrokes are needed to delete these characters.

5. Find and Replace does not work when "Replace on request" and "Within selection" are selected. The first ocurrence is found, but nothing is replaced.

6. A page with a list after a floating image is not properly displayed by Amaya. An example can be tested here: (after the Alhambra image, the page is not properly displayed).

Suggestion (not very important)

1. When the find and replace dialog is reused, the former "search for" string should be highlighted (this is the standard behaviour in Windows).

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Received on Wednesday, 25 February 2004 15:48:45 UTC