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hi. XHTML Parser Generator Opensource in C karthik bala guru (Wednesday, 30 June)

RE: amaya windows version, installer is buggy or too old. Instal led in safemode (F8) Mark Stephens (Tuesday, 29 June)

amaya windows version, installer is buggy or too old. Installed in safemode (F8) Manfred Schmidt (Tuesday, 29 June)

[CRASH] Amaya crashes on startup (with backtrace). Piotr Szymanski (Friday, 25 June)

[www-amaya] <none> Sunandan (Wednesday, 23 June)

Usability issues. Hugh Sasse Staff Elec Eng (Wednesday, 23 June)

Annotation highlight PB with unique id Meunier, Jean-Luc (Wednesday, 23 June)

Annotation type restricted to 'comment'? Meunier, Jean-Luc (Wednesday, 23 June)

Amaya 8.5 & Linux: no iso8859-2 characters - more info Jakub Holý (Saturday, 19 June)

Amaya 8.5 & Linux: no iso8859-2 characters Jakub Holý (Thursday, 17 June)

Timeline animation tutorial Yves GODDE (Wednesday, 16 June)

CSS Position Property Andrew F Quinn (Wednesday, 16 June)

Trouble with remote X server Torsten Bronger (Wednesday, 16 June)

amaya-8.5 w.szukalski (Monday, 7 June)

Amaya 8.5 fails to render iframe correctly Ulrich Windl (Tuesday, 8 June)

Amaya 8.5 Possible bug: target attribute in <a> element in XHTML Strict Bartolomé Sintes Marco (Monday, 7 June)

Possibility of using alternate XML namespace? Luc Stepniewski (Tuesday, 1 June)

monospace font problems John Russell (Thursday, 27 May)

rendering of css border properties John Russell (Thursday, 27 May)

Amaya hangs on www.bigmouthmedia.com John Russell (Wednesday, 26 May)

Using Tamil Unicode fonts DEVARAJAN (Tuesday, 25 May)

remote ftp not supported Stephen Alrich Marshall (Tuesday, 25 May)

one site hangs up Amaya John Russell (Tuesday, 25 May)

trouble accessing open_bugs and wish_list John Russell (Monday, 24 May)

substitution for $: John Russell (Monday, 24 May)

Unexpected Date Insertion Laurent Marcoux (Wednesday, 19 May)

Unexpected Date Insertion Laurent Marcoux (Tuesday, 18 May)

I need a way to interact with MathML Dalia al-aloul (Sunday, 9 May)

amaya problem Corné Beerse (Wednesday, 19 May)

Amaya Security Issue/Windows Interoperability Issues Brant Gurganus (Thursday, 13 May)

Using Amaya in an other application Delerue Remy (Friday, 7 May)

Plotting MathML Charles McCathieNevile (Friday, 7 May)

Installations problems Dave Smith (Wednesday, 5 May)

Amaya 8.5 for Linux freezes when compiled with OpenGL (font problem) Frédéric Perrin (Tuesday, 4 May)

image links rendered underscored Juan Lanus (Wednesday, 28 April)

Re: [Moderator Action] Amaya 8.5 hangs on a Win98 SE box Irene Vatton (Wednesday, 28 April)

Display error in 8.5 (Win XP) Thomas (Wednesday, 28 April)

Oops! Thomas (Wednesday, 28 April)

Amaya 8.5 spell-check (mis-)behaviour Steven Gilham (Wednesday, 28 April)

Bug: case sensitivity of CSS selectors in XHTML/XML documents Masayasu Ishikawa (Wednesday, 28 April)

Building Amaya 8.5 on Redhat 7.3 :-( Christian Mondrup (Tuesday, 27 April)

[Announcement] Amaya 8.5 Irene Vatton (Tuesday, 27 April)

RFE - keyboard activation of links Charles McCathieNevile (Tuesday, 27 April)

Possible bug: double icon creating target Bartolomé Sintes Marco (Monday, 26 April)

Enhancement for Amaya Steven Gilham (Monday, 26 April)

Four words to crash Amaya Steven Gilham (Friday, 23 April)

Bug report: crashed transforming page Luca Balbi (Thursday, 22 April)

Possible Amaya 8.4 Edit>Transform bug cdlibre.org (Thursday, 22 April)

Amaya help documentation and pointers to html references Corné Beerse (Thursday, 22 April)

Ordered lists Christopher Evans (Wednesday, 21 April)

Bug: Installation Victor Engmark (Wednesday, 21 April)

Problems with building Amaya 8.4 on Redhat 7.3 Christian Mondrup (Wednesday, 21 April)

Unable to run Amaya 8.4 on a Win 98 SE box JuanMiguel Signes (Tuesday, 20 April)

Possible Amaya 8.4 list creation bug Bartolomé Sintes Marco (Wednesday, 21 April)

Amaya 8.4-1 graphic library error, etc Keith Hopper (Tuesday, 20 April)

Spaces are significant Susan Lesch (Monday, 19 April)

Colon missing for CVS keyword substitution Susan Lesch (Monday, 19 April)

Bug in CSS parsing Daniel Skorka (Saturday, 17 April)

unexpected termination bug? Tom Cloyd (Sunday, 18 April)

Symbolic entities Lars Bruzelius (Thursday, 15 April)

Width of th- or td-elements mis-calculated Lars Bruzelius (Thursday, 15 April)

margin-left applied to a table Lars Bruzelius (Thursday, 15 April)

The release of Amaya 8.4 John Russell (Thursday, 15 April)

[Announcement] Amaya 8.4 Irene Vatton (Thursday, 15 April)

How to do keyboard navigation of menus? James J. Ramsey (Thursday, 15 April)

Pasting of Unicode characters *still* buggy James J. Ramsey (Thursday, 15 April)

syntax error in HTML.trans Brant Gurganus (Tuesday, 13 April)

caption element widths John Russell (Tuesday, 13 April)

lists with rules as breaks John Russell (Monday, 12 April)

aligning horizontal rules John Russell (Sunday, 11 April)

dom support page of w3.org John Russell (Thursday, 8 April)

Amaya fails to start up due to "GTK Error 86" Simon Anders (Tuesday, 6 April)

Window geometry bug Karl-Michael Schneider (Saturday, 3 April)

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