Re: adding after tables Re: amaya problem

> On Thu, 20 May 2004 15:00:50 -0400 (EDT)
> Charles McCathieNevile <> wrote:
>> This is a bit counter intuitive - I would expect this to replace the
>> table
>> with an empty paragraph,
> I don't think a user expects to lost the table when this table is selected
> and
> he hits the Enter key.

This is standard behaviour in almost every application I use. I was
surprised when it didn't happen, and I think other users would be too
unless they don't ever use word processors.

> whereas I expect to be able to do it by going to the
>> end of the table and repeating return enough.
> We did that in previous versions of Amaya but it didn't allow one to keep
> an empty cell.
> The standard behavior of the Enter key is to generate a new element of the
> current selected element type.

> By example, if you select a H2 the Enter key generates a new H2 after.
> When a cell is selected the Enter key generates a new cell.

> There are two exceptions: it generates a paragraph when a <pre> or a
> <table> is selected.

> The shortcut Shift + Enter (XHTML>Paragraph) will replace a selected H2 by
> a paragraph.

Hmm. Thinking about this a bit mre seems a good idea. I can see that this
is not an intuitive user interface convention, but without having a better
idea to propose I don't suppose that helps much :-)



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