Re: I need a way to interact with MathML

Dalia al-aloul wrote:

> Dear Sir,
>    am a student in Alquds University( 
> <>) and i have a project to do using MaTHml,
>    So, what am asking for is how to use Amaya in providing a Code to 
> put it in my website so as; to to make the use able to put an equation 
> and to get a result...
>   and is there any Special  plugen to use or a server to compile my code.

Amaya is not able to compute a MathML equation. It is only able to edit 
and display mathml. Moreover Amaya do not have any plugins to do that.


> Hope to send me a sample if there is.
>    Hope to replay soon as you can.
>           Regards
>           Dalia.A
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Received on Monday, 24 May 2004 05:53:52 UTC