Re: Display error in 8.5 (Win XP)

Stanimir Stamenkov wrote:

> /Thomas/:
>> I have some strange display bug on my win xp (pro) machine:
>> In the Special->Preferences->Color dialog, whatever I set the colors 
>> to, the displayed colors are totally warped. For example the 
>> <Amaya>\amaya\AmayaPage.html page, wich I have attached a screenshot of.
>> Before the screenshot was made, I uninstalled Amaya, removed both the 
>> remaining install dir and the user directory (c:\documents and 
>> settings\...\amaya), then installed again. No settings have I changed.
> I've noticed it, too. This doesn't appear in the OpenGL version, however.

Thanks for replying!
Too bad my gfx card doesn't support OpenGL :-(


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