Amaya 8.5 for Linux freezes when compiled with OpenGL (font problem)

I use Linux on my computer, I compiled Amaya 8.5 from source with 
OpenGL, the compilation (with "../configure --with-gl --with-gtk 
--with-i18n") is successful but when I try to launch Amaya I get the 
folowing message : "Cannot load any GL fonts" in the terminal, then the 
window of Amaya freezes and I must kill the process.
The previous version of Amaya was working fine on my computer, but in 
this version 8.5 I am very interested in SVG and SMIL support, it is why 
I would like to compile it with OpenGL.
Excuse me for my approximative English, I am a French student...
Many thanks for the Amaya project !

Frédéric Perrin.
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Received on Tuesday, 4 May 2004 08:35:40 UTC