Amaya 8.5 & Linux: no iso8859-2 characters - more info

As I wrote in my previous email (see below) Amaya ignores some special 
(Czech, iso8859-2) characters being typed. I made an experiment: I typed 
all these characters in another applications that treats them correctly 
and copied&pasted them into Amaya. The string of characters was 
displayed but there were different characters (i.e. the special Czech 
characters were replaced by another spec. characters). When I 
copied&pasted back into the original application, the correct characters 
were shown again in it. Any suggestions what the problem with Amaya is? 
Thanks! Jakub Holy

   I've got a problem - Amaya ignores some characters being typed typed
(e.g. racorn = 'e' with caron ('^' turned 180 degrees) above it). It
even doesn't display any character instead of them (like ? or a square)
it behaves like I haven't pressed anything. Normally in other
applications these characters work well (I've locale cs_CZ.iso8859-2).
   I thought it's because of a wrong font, so I copied
Amaya/conf/fonts.unix into ./amaya/fonts.unix and changed the last entry
to point to a M$ ttf font I've got:
0;#Unicode (.or ... JAPANESe)
  But no change. What to do, please? Thanks in advance!

               /Jakub Holy
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Received on Saturday, 19 June 2004 07:27:27 UTC