Re: Bug in CSS parsing

The following is from the TR for CSS 2.1...
If an unquoted font family name contains parentheses, brackets, and/or braces, they must still be either
balanced or escaped per CSS grammar rules. Similarly, quote marks, semicolons, exclamation marks
and commas within unquoted font family names must be escaped.
Font names containing any such characters or whitespace should be quoted:

Since one of the families used is Courier New  it must be quoted due to the whitespace character !!!

this report concerns Amaya 8.4 (GTK) on Debian 3.0 on an x86 machine. In fact,
I downloaded the debian package from The bug is that the parser
chokes when reading a 'font-family' statement when the font name
contains whitespace and is not quoted. If I read the CSS spec correctly,
not quoting such a font name is correct. To reproduce, open in Amaya and look at the parsing errors.

Daniel Skorka

john russell [those are L's as in LLAMA]

Received on Monday, 19 April 2004 08:11:28 UTC