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install problem on solaris Uri Guttman (Tuesday, 31 March)

Re: Files missing, was Re: SGI, libsocket.so Irene VATTON (Tuesday, 31 March)

need a trick for browsers not supporting HTML 4.0 Bertrand.Ibrahim@cui.unige.ch (Tuesday, 31 March)

On Win95 fonts are displayed extremely small David Blunt (Friday, 27 March)

Alt or Meta key? bob@rattlesnake.com (Saturday, 28 March)

jump directly back to home page? bob@rattlesnake.com (Saturday, 28 March)

various attribute problems in Amaya 1.2a Bertrand.Ibrahim@cui.unige.ch (Friday, 27 March)

amaya problem with redirected urls J. F. Wittenberger (Friday, 27 March)

issues with Amaya 1.2a... Jim Gettys (Friday, 27 March)

Well, the table from hell no longer is the kiss of death... Jim Gettys (Friday, 27 March)

TD? William Loughborough (Friday, 27 March)

[Announcement] Amaya 1.2a public release Irene VATTON (Friday, 27 March)

problems with "print" feature in Amaya 1.2, Solaris 2.5 Bertrand.Ibrahim@cui.unige.ch (Thursday, 26 March)

problem with floating image beside list item Bertrand.Ibrahim@cui.unige.ch (Thursday, 26 March)

"nowrap" attribute doesn't work in table cell? Bertrand.Ibrahim@cui.unige.ch (Thursday, 26 March)

Can Amaya-Java run applets on solaris2? Yu Zhang (Wednesday, 25 March)

access violation under NT build Vincent Lue (Wednesday, 25 March)

Re: Release 5.1k available (for Amaya?) Henrik Frystyk Nielsen (Monday, 23 March)

Re: XML and Amaya Irene VATTON (Monday, 23 March)

SGI, libsocket.so Hubert Palme (Friday, 20 March)

pasting the selection from an xterm window into Amaya Bertrand.Ibrahim@cui.unige.ch (Friday, 20 March)

user preference style sheet in Windows version Bertrand.Ibrahim@cui.unige.ch (Friday, 20 March)

XML and Amaya ? Euromath System (Wednesday, 18 March)

bugs in amaya 1.2 J. F. Wittenberger (Monday, 16 March)

about Amaya1.2 presistent cache Petewu (Monday, 16 March)

build bugs on solaris Uri Guttman (Monday, 16 March)

Amaya vs 4.0 strict verifyer (ampersand quoting) bill One (Thursday, 12 March)

Thot Rob Hagopian (Wednesday, 11 March)

server-side configuration/installation Stephan Mankopf (Thursday, 5 March)

simple question bill thater (Tuesday, 3 March)

amaya version Linux doesn't view my webpage very well mark@mark.med.ohio-state.edu (Tuesday, 3 March)

Problem changing TITLE jack_h_ostroff@groton.pfizer.com (Monday, 2 March)

[www-amaya] <none> Ramzi GUETARI (Friday, 27 February)

JavaScript and VbSCRIPT Ramzi GUETARI (Thursday, 26 February)

[www-amaya] <none> Siwar FARHAT (Thursday, 26 February)

Win95 Crashes - System Resources Down Whuu? (Wednesday, 25 February)

[www-amaya] <none> Ramzi GUETARI (Tuesday, 24 February)

Problem with WIN95 Maurizio Vianello (Tuesday, 24 February)

Building Thot and amay Markus Pilz (Tuesday, 24 February)

Building amaya on windows Ramzi Guetari (Monday, 23 February)

Cannot build the amaya.exe on windows95 PeteWu (Monday, 23 February)

Amaya Win95 Lee (Friday, 20 February)

Amaya 1.2 on Solaris 2.5.1 Richard van de Stadt (Thursday, 19 February)

Quick question: Hyung-Jin Kim (Tuesday, 17 February)

Amaya 1.2 Fathi.DJEBBARI (Tuesday, 17 February)

importing files horne@dfilm.com.au (Tuesday, 17 February)

Amaya Lee (Tuesday, 17 February)

remove Bob (Saturday, 14 February)

edit? William Loughborough (Saturday, 14 February)

amaya for OS/2 Alexander Mai (Friday, 13 February)

Config generates empty Makefiles Justin R. Smith (Friday, 13 February)

Amaya 1.2 Breaks on Site James Seymour (Wednesday, 11 February)

Re: amaya.rc and winerrdata.c not found when building amaya 1.2 on Win95 Ramzi GUETARI (Thursday, 12 February)

amaya.rc and winerrdata.c not found when building amaya 1.2 on Win95 hujm (Thursday, 12 February)

Amaya on AIX Mark Turrin (Thursday, 12 February)

[www-amaya] <none> Siwar FARHAT (Wednesday, 11 February)

Building Amaya 1.2 on WindowsNT SUHAS AHUJA (Tuesday, 10 February)

[www-amaya] <none> Siwar FARHAT (Monday, 9 February)

Building amaya on Windows Ramzi Guetari (Monday, 9 February)

Re: SGI + printing horne@dfilm.com.au (Monday, 9 February)

amaya Hans Paijmans (Sunday, 8 February)

error in compiling amaya on SOLARISx86 Marc Lobelle (Saturday, 7 February)

sgi amaya on o2 6.3 can't start binary Stef Lange (Friday, 6 February)

Current bugs in amay 1.2 LINUX-ELF Benjamin Redelings I (Friday, 6 February)

Compile LibThotEditor un der WIndows 95 Siwar FARHAT (Friday, 6 February)

CSS/Amaya 1.2/Solaris 2.5 Didier FORT (Thursday, 5 February)

SGI + libnsl.so Bruce, Alan E (Thursday, 5 February)

cannot building amaya on win95 Siwar FARHAT (Thursday, 5 February)

SGI + libnsl.so Bruce, Alan E (Wednesday, 4 February)

[Announcement] Amaya 1.2 public release Irene VATTON (Wednesday, 4 February)

keyboard probs with solaris2.5 Emil Obermayr (Friday, 30 January)

problem with my modifications SULTAN Hassan - lab assistant (Friday, 30 January)

Removing Scroll Bars on Amaya Main page WINNT SUHAS AHUJA (Thursday, 29 January)

Print on Digital Unix Daniel THONON (Wednesday, 28 January)

How to remove scroll bars from Main Amaya Home Page on WINNT SUHAS AHUJA (Tuesday, 27 January)

Question on LInk Translation HTML/Thot on WIndows NT SUHAS AHUJA (Tuesday, 27 January)

Modifying Amaya to behave as a Web browser only SULTAN Hassan - lab assistant (Tuesday, 27 January)

Problems with the horizontal scroll-bar and with gif files Daniel THONON (Friday, 23 January)

Problems with amaya on win95 and Digital UNIX Eric PAIRE (Friday, 23 January)

Re: Key Mapping on Windows NT : Amaya 1.1c Ramzi GUETARI (Friday, 23 January)

Key Mapping on Windows NT : Amaya 1.1c SUHAS AHUJA (Thursday, 22 January)

Running Amaya in WinNT Norliza Mohd Nasir (Wednesday, 21 January)

SGI + libnsl.so horne@dfilm.com.au (Wednesday, 21 January)

Last article... Daniel Glazman (Tuesday, 20 January)

Does Amaya support JavaScript on Windows NT Suhas Ahujas (Monday, 19 January)

[www-amaya] <none> Pierre Reyau (Monday, 19 January)

Extension Mechanisms in Thot Libraries Paul Pazandak (Thursday, 15 January)

Capturing HTTP Requests and Replies Paul Pazandak (Thursday, 15 January)

running amaya 1.1c on solaris 2.4 Erick Branderhorst (Tuesday, 13 January)

XML implementation in Amaya Euromath System (Tuesday, 13 January)

Re: HTTP/PUT puts me into deep deep trouble Irene VATTON (Monday, 12 January)

[www-amaya] <none> ari@calliope.nix.neosoft.com (Saturday, 10 January)

Full 4.0 expectations??? Randall J. Parr (Friday, 9 January)

an error in my previous post SULTAN Hassan - lab assistant (Friday, 9 January)

update about my problem compiling amaya on Solaris SULTAN Hassan - lab assistant (Friday, 9 January)

problem while compiling amaya under Solaris SULTAN Hassan - lab assistant (Thursday, 8 January)

building amaya & libwww... (fwd) jose.kahan@w3.org (Thursday, 8 January)

changing double-click and single-click actions (fwd) jose.kahan@w3.org (Thursday, 8 January)

META-Linefeeds in <PRE> .. </PRE> Blocks Claudio Nieder (Monday, 5 January)

Loading/Dumping Bitmaps with Amaya1.1 on Windows NT Suhas Ahujas (Monday, 5 January)

Compile on OpenBSD/sparc Ari (Monday, 5 January)

configure creates empty files on OpenBSD 2.2 (sparc) Ari (Sunday, 4 January)

amaya make problem on m68k linux. Kenton A. Groombridge (Sunday, 4 January)

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