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Getting Started: changes from 28 Sept 2001 incorporated Judy Brewer (Monday, 1 October)

outreach update Andrew Arch (Saturday, 29 September)

Wired News :Web News Still Fails Blind Users William (Friday, 28 September)

EOWG: Another update to "Getting Started" Judy Brewer (Friday, 28 September)

EOWG: Reminder, meeting 28 September 2001 Judy Brewer (Thursday, 27 September)

Business travelers keep their feet on the ground Videoconferencing, telecommuti Kathleen Anderson (Wednesday, 26 September)

FYI press_release_accessibility_en.doc from the EU commision on a ccessible web sites Helle Bjarnø (Wednesday, 26 September)

position paper William Loughborough (Friday, 21 September)

Regrets for Friday, Sept. 21conference call Chuck Letourneau (Friday, 21 September)

EOWG: Agenda, Meeting 21 Friday 2001 Judy Brewer (Friday, 21 September)

EOWG: Updated "Getting Started" Judy Brewer (Friday, 21 September)

EOWG: Meeting tomorrow Friday September 21, 2001 Judy Brewer (Thursday, 20 September)

WWW and Adult Learners with Special Needs Carlos A. Velasco (Thursday, 20 September)

background on collaboration tools Al Gilman (Wednesday, 19 September)

Meeting last Friday? Helle Bjarnø (Monday, 17 September)

Re: Properly tagged PDF document? (fwd) Loretta Guarino Reid (Friday, 14 September)

video conferencing and virtual whiteboards Harvey Bingham (Friday, 14 September)

Outreach: Why we may need a commercial arm (red hat) Jonathan Chetwynd (Friday, 14 September)

EOWG: Meeting Friday 14 September, 2001 Judy Brewer (Thursday, 13 September)

Whitehouse.gov Usability: The Web Wing Andrew Arch (Tuesday, 11 September)

critique of whitehouse.gov Andrew.Arch@visionaustralia.org.au (Monday, 10 September)

EOWG: Same phone bridge for Wednesday Sept 5, 2001 Judy Brewer (Wednesday, 5 September)

EOWG: Minutes Aug 17 & 24 Judy Brewer (Wednesday, 5 September)

Corporate implementation plan, reposting Natasha's draft Judy Brewer (Wednesday, 5 September)

Gallery of accesssible sites Charles McCathieNevile (Wednesday, 5 September)

[w3c-wai-eo] <none> LIPKINA,NATASHA (HP-PaloAlto,ex1) (Wednesday, 5 September)

Reminder: No meeting this Friday August 31, 2001 Judy Brewer (Friday, 31 August)

Re: Site accessibility analysis - InFous Andrew.Arch@visionaustralia.org.au (Wednesday, 29 August)

When is the next Friday meeting? Helle Bjarnø (Tuesday, 28 August)

Outreach Update Andrew Arch (Monday, 27 August)

statistics Andrew.Arch@visionaustralia.org.au (Monday, 27 August)

FW: WEB SITE ACCESSIBILITY eSEMINAR saylordj@WellsFargo.COM (Friday, 24 August)

RE:EO outreach: WAI flyer in Danish Helle Bjarnø (Friday, 24 August)

EOWG: Reminder, Meeting Friday 24 August, 2001 Judy Brewer (Thursday, 23 August)

RE: Bcase/ip web design business Helle Bjarnø (Thursday, 23 August)

Disability & Usability Andrew Arch (Sunday, 19 August)

forebearance FAQ well put by Kynn Al Gilman (Sunday, 19 August)

Statistics William Loughborough (Saturday, 18 August)

FAQ re FRAMES by way of Al Gilman (Friday, 17 August)

Disabilities/Impairments (All figures are for U.S.) Harvey Bingham (Friday, 17 August)

Re: Final Business Benefits document suite available - updated 21:30 17-Aug Judy Brewer (Friday, 17 August)

EOWG: Updated "Evaluating Web Sites" Judy Brewer (Friday, 17 August)

outreach updates Andrew Arch (Friday, 17 August)

EOWG: Reminder, Meeting Friday 17 August, 2001 Judy Brewer (Thursday, 16 August)

Final Business Benefits document suite available Andrew Arch (Thursday, 16 August)

Re: Query about MetaTags (2) Harvey Bingham (Monday, 13 August)

articles & links on accessibility Andrew Arch (Saturday, 11 August)

Fw: Building a business case for web accessibility Laux (Saturday, 11 August)

Re: demographics gregory j. rosmaita (Friday, 10 August)

public lynxes (was Re: Lynxviewer) gregory j. rosmaita (Friday, 10 August)

demographics & social responsibility Andrew Arch (Friday, 10 August)

bridge William Loughborough (Friday, 10 August)

Re: Hello Judy Brewer (Friday, 10 August)

Accessibility Audit Toolbox Andrew Arch (Friday, 10 August)

Query about MetaTags saylordj@WellsFargo.COM (Friday, 10 August)

Site accessibility analysis Andrew.Arch@visionaustralia.org.au (Friday, 10 August)

Business Benefits doc Andrew.Arch@visionaustralia.org.au (Friday, 10 August)

EOWG: Reminder, meeting Friday 10 August 2001 Judy Brewer (Thursday, 9 August)

Regrets for Friday, August 10 Chuck Letourneau (Thursday, 9 August)

WCAG-Section 508 Comparison Harvey Bingham (Wednesday, 8 August)

Update on W3C/WAI mailing lists Judy Brewer (Thursday, 9 August)

Evaluating Web Sites Intro (2 proposed revisions) gregory j. rosmaita (Friday, 3 August)

outreach Libby G. Cohen (Friday, 3 August)

Some more comments on review page Sylvie Duchateau (Friday, 3 August)

EOWG: some updates to eval page Judy Brewer (Friday, 3 August)

EOWG: Reminder, meeting Friday 3 August 2001 Judy Brewer (Thursday, 2 August)

Evaluating for Accessibility Andrew Arch (Wednesday, 1 August)

Re: Business Case Preliminary Review Harvey Bingham (Wednesday, 1 August)

EOWG: Proposal to split business case and implementation plan Judy Brewer (Wednesday, 1 August)

Speakingwebsites.com Julie.Howell@rnib.org.uk (Wednesday, 1 August)

fwd: EOWG: Reminder WEDNESDAY meeting 1 August 2001, 4:00-5:30pm US EDT Judy Brewer (Wednesday, 1 August)

Comments on July 26 Business Case Benefits draft Chuck Letourneau (Monday, 30 July)

Considerations for Specific Contexts, from Evaluating Web Sites... Judy Brewer (Friday, 27 July)

Evaluation section of Evaluating Web Sites Judy Brewer (Friday, 27 July)

Who's willing to test "Preliminary Review" section? Judy Brewer (Friday, 27 July)

Preliminary Review section of Evaluating Web Sites Judy Brewer (Friday, 27 July)

EOWG: Reminder WEDNESDAY meeting 1 August 2001, 4:00-5:30pm US EDT Judy Brewer (Friday, 27 July)

EOWG: Minutes for July 27, 2001; change log & evaluation doc updated Judy Brewer (Friday, 27 July)

Comments for Business Benefits Chuck Letourneau (Friday, 27 July)

EOWG: Updated "Evaluating Web Sites for Accessibility" Judy Brewer (Friday, 27 July)

Outreach Updates - Meeting Friday 27 July, 2001 Andrew.Arch@visionaustralia.org.au (Friday, 27 July)

EOWG: Reminder, Meeting Friday 27 July, 2001 Judy Brewer (Thursday, 26 July)

Business Benefits Andrew Arch (Thursday, 26 July)

IMHO this is a FAQ Al Gilman (Wednesday, 25 July)

policies Andrew.Arch@visionaustralia.org.au (Wednesday, 25 July)

[w3c-wai-eo] <none> Kathleen Anderson (Wednesday, 25 July)

making the cut Jonathan Chetwynd (Tuesday, 24 July)

EOWG Update for WAI CG July 24 meeting Judy Brewer (Monday, 23 July)

EOWG: Updated schedule of teleconferences Judy Brewer (Monday, 23 July)

Evaluating Web Sites for Accessibility Andrew Arch (Friday, 20 July)

Outreach Updates Andrew Arch (Friday, 20 July)

Minutes from July 13 2001 up Judy Brewer (Friday, 20 July)

more revision of evaluation appendix Judy Brewer (Friday, 20 July)

Re: B C, evaluating web sites .... Helle Bjarnø (Friday, 20 July)


SV: EOWG: Agenda, Friday 20 July, 2001 hbj@visinfo.dk (Thursday, 19 July)

EOWG: Agenda, Friday 20 July, 2001 Judy Brewer (Thursday, 19 July)

Semantic Web Primer William Loughborough (Thursday, 19 July)

Semantic Web Primer William Loughborough (Tuesday, 17 July)

Semantic Web Primer William Loughborough (Tuesday, 17 July)

Gallery of accessible sites... Charles McCathieNevile (Tuesday, 17 July)

low literacy Libby Cohen (Friday, 13 July)

EOWG: First (raw!) draft of appendix on reviewing Web sites Judy Brewer (Friday, 13 July)

Braille in the Age of Digitisation, an international symposium Helle Bjarnø (Friday, 13 July)

The European conference on ICT & SEN Helle Bjarnø (Friday, 13 July)

EOWG: Agenda, Friday 13 July, 2001 Judy Brewer (Thursday, 12 July)

Industry policies Andrew.Arch@visionaustralia.org.au (Thursday, 12 July)

Bus Case - App 1 Auxillary Benefits Andrew.Arch@visionaustralia.org.au (Wednesday, 11 July)

Bizcase William Loughborough (Wednesday, 11 July)

EOWG: Reminder, meeting Wednesday July 11, 2001, 4:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. Judy Brewer (Wednesday, 11 July)

Bus Case Appendix 1 Andrew Arch (Tuesday, 10 July)

RE : update to aux benefits Jean-Marie D'Amour (Thursday, 5 July)

Any meeting tomorrow? regards Helle Helle Bjarnø (Thursday, 5 July)

RE : update to aux benefits Jean-Marie D'Amour (Thursday, 5 July)

Bus Case - App 1 Andrew Arch (Thursday, 5 July)

outreach update Helle Bjarnø (Thursday, 5 July)

Specifying conformance level Kathleen Anderson (Monday, 2 July)

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