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Hi all
I have a problem, I don't know what we mean and what we want to accomplish
with this example? I have reread Carlos corporate ip and tried to fit this with
the things I've seen and heard when talking to web designers about how they
try to incorporate accessibility ideas when making websites for clients. In
one company I know: A member of staff is responsible for keeping up with new
activities, techniques etc. on the web (e.g. by receiving e-mails from me
about WAI stuff) and reporting to the rest when necessary, they have an
internal checklist to ensure that all non-textual elements gets an alt-text
etc., and when talking to new clients always suggest that the website in
question should comply to some set of guidelines/recommendations and provide
an estimate on the extra cost for making a web site accessible.
And finally respect the customer's decision about accessibility .
Is a web design business and a corporate business not the same when talking
about the "internal" part of a web design business? Therefore are we "only"
to write about how they assure that all the web sites they make for
customers complies to e.g. WCAG 1.0  

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