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Request to translate into french wai-translations Christian Cousquer (Wednesday, 19 December)

Portuguese translation of RDF 1.1 Primer and RDF Schema 1.1 André Pacheco (Monday, 3 December)

Re: [LTO approved - step 2 to 3] Re: Authorized Simplified Chinese translation of WCAG 2.1 Roy Ran (Wednesday, 28 November)

Re: WCAG 2.1 translation in French Bleeks, Stacy (STATCAN) (Friday, 2 November)

pt-PT version of WCAG 2.1 Jorge Manuel Fernandes (Friday, 2 November)

Re: Intention to translate - WCAG 2.1 - brazilian portuguese (authorized W3C Translation) Reinaldo Ferraz (Wednesday, 31 October)

Re: [review period] CAT of DWBP into brazilian portuguese (authorized W3C Translation) Beatriz Corrales (Thursday, 25 October)

translate to Basque Aritz Sala (Wednesday, 10 October)

Re: Restarting W3C Volunteer Translation Tracking Dominique Hazael-Massieux (Wednesday, 10 October)

Funka Nu AB to become LTO for WCAG 2.1 Susanna Laurin (Monday, 1 October)

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